Tournament RUPL X - Semifinals


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Optical Illusionists (0) vs. (3) Noble Guardians
SV - cyanize (40) vs (60) umbry - cyan got a huge win against Fc, but they will need to step up If they want to pull up another one. However, this time cyanize is facing umbry, who is a lot stronger in the tier than Fc, and is also able to build for herself. I am excited to see what cyanize will cook for tiebreak, but I can't bold against umbry in this matchup.
SV - eifo (45) vs (55) gum - Not gonna lie, I did not want to predict a 3-0 for the Guardians, but I can't ignore eifo's game last week. Gum is more experienced in the tier, and even though they didnt really beat a strong name, besides Franklin, I still think they are favored here.
SM - Master Chief (40) vs (60) Punny - Even though Punny is way more stronger as a player than Rabbit, the latter is more experienced in the tier and is doing an amazing tournament so far. However, even with more experience in SM, we can't ignore that Punny is a tough opponent in literally any meta he's slotted into, and I don't think Rabbit will be able to win against him.

Good luck for both though, I am personally cheering for the Guardians :)


ate them up
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after my 14-2 semis predicts im here to aim the other direction

Optical Illusionists (3) vs. Noble Guardians (0)
SV - cyanize vs umbry - cyanize is spl proven across multiple different ou formats and has shown highs in indiv tours across lower tiers and doubles while also having a top record this rupl. umbry may have a good rupl record but has never been in high stakes team tour game before
SV - eifo vs gum - eifo's game last week inspired a ton of confidence when it comes to high pressure situations and this tiebreak will be no exception
SM - Master Chief vs Punny - punny has zero track record in tiebreakers .. easy bold

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